Specializing in Ion Implantation Consumables, Precision Welded Assemblies, and Hard Metals

Glemco: A Turnkey Precision Manufacturer

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We support our customers with an efficient 22,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility populated with a team of highly skilled professionals. The majority of product is manufactured in-house, with Glemco in direct control of product quality and manufacturing processes. Working with Glemco reduces cost by eliminating intermediaries and minimizing possible points of failure.

As a long term strategy, we emphasize obtaining resources and funding output improvements and innovations.

Our machine shop has been in Leander, TX since 1984 and we are one of the original second source manufacturers for the semiconductor industry. We’ve been supporting fabs around the world for the last 37 years. We bring that same deep experience with us into the other markets we serve.

Semiconductor Customers Can Use Our Smart Description Search to Find Products for the Entire Beamline

Keywords can include a Glemco PN, OEM Cross reference numbers, keywords, or a combination of keywords such as: GSD, Quantum, E500, 6200, 8250, Source, Analyzer, Extraction, PEF, Liner, Filament, Cathode. Use commas between your search words, (i.e. Source, GSD instead of source GSD).

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GLEMCO: A Differentiated Customer Experience


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Evolve, modify, alter, adapt.

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Differentiated Experience

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Since 1984

We are proud to support our local communities with jobs that offer good working environment, excellent pay and benefits, growth opportunities and stability. Proud to be an American Manufacturer and a Woman Owned Business.

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